One of the biggest issues we see in the CCR world today is the bias of certain vendors and instructors to push a particular product, as it's the only one they teach on or sell. All rebreathers have their strengths and weaknesses, and there is no 'perfect' rebreather, and we strongly disagree with some seller's practices of slandering units they don't teach or sell. You won't find the bias here. The Add Helium staff are certified to dive and teach and sell the largest variety of rebreathers. As a result we don't have an agenda to push on you. Have questions? One of our staff can give unbiased, review, including the pros and cons of all the major units on the market today.

Have questions on parts, configurations or consumables? All of our staff are CCR divers, and can help answer any questions you have.


All of the rebreathers we sell come in many different configurations.  Please call or email us for a consultation so that we can put together a package for you that meets your unique diving needs. Our expert staff is happy to help you with software, configuration options, and training.  List prices advertised below are for base model rebreathers. 

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