rEvoDream P

Article number: RBRR-REVO-R402
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Basic features of the new rEvodream P: 

  • Displays one or two sensors (automatic detection of the number of sensors during calibration) 
  • Not possible to switch off during diving when PPO2 > 0.5
  • Back-light can be activated during diving with one Push 

Advanced features of the new rEvodream P:

  • HUD PPO2 indication: selection between - the well known rEvo 1.3 green zone code
  • The new rEvo 1.0 pulse code (modified "Smithers code") (green = 1.0 every 0.1 above: green + 1 pulse red every 0.1 below: green + 1 pulse orange)
  • Automatic selection of air calibration when set to SCR mode
  • Altitude calibration, or <100% O2 calibration immediately accessible at the end of the standard calibration
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